General Policies

Please note: This is a general overview of our policies and meant for a quick reference. Please refer to your parent handbook for a complete list.

We primarily serve children at West Woodland Elementary School. However, we are happy to serve any other school in the Seattle School District, public or private, for which the parent can arrange transportation.

A list of the dates that Kids Inc. is closed for holidays or in-service days is handed out in the admission packet that you receive when enrolling your child in the center. The holidays are as follows:

    • Veterans Day
  • Thanksgiving and the day after
  • December 24th and 25th
  • New Years Eve
  • New Years Day
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday
  • President’s Day
  • One day, to be announced in the beginning of the school year, for in-service
  • Memorial Day
  • Three days at the end of the school year for in-service
  • Three days at the end of the summer program for in-service

Preschool Children should:

  • have a working knowledge of the toilet routine.
  • must be able to dress and undress themselves including when using the toilet.
  • working knowledge of bodily functions and be able to tell when they need to use the bathroom and communicate this need.

Note:  We follow the ADA guidelines and will accept children that for health reasons are unable to toilet train.

It is our policy to offer low fat, non-sugar food to all children (All snacks follow USDA and State of Washington Health guidelines) with at least two food groups offered.

Morning Snack (7:45 – 8:25 AM)
Afternoon Snack – Preschool (2:10-2:45 PM) School Age (3:00-4:45PM)
Late Afternoon Snack – Preschool (5:00 PM)

Parents are expected to provide lunch for their children.  NOTE:  No candy is allowed at Kids Inc.

Kids Inc. does not accept ill children. and follows the King County Public Health Policy and Procedures for Excluding Ill Children.


Staff at Kids Inc. are trained in CPR and First Aid. In case of a minor injury or accident, staff will administer basic first aid. Parents or guardians are notified immediately by phone if a child has a head injury, or an injury that leaves a mark or bruise beyond a child’s usual scrape. All injuries are recorded and documented.