Our Philosophy

TunnelThe Kids Inc. community (staff, children and parents) work together to provide an environment that supports the physical, social and emotional development of our children in a positive, holistic way. Curriculum at Kids Inc. allows children to learn through play while honoring their lifestyles and striving to be culturally relevant. It is a rich and exciting environment where each child is seen as an individual and each family as part of our community.

The following are areas of development emphasized at Kids Inc.:

  • Helping children to define and talk about how they feel.
  • Fostering independence and self-motivation as important for positive self-esteem.
  • Developing the environment so that it reflects diverse cultures and is representative of the cultures of the program.

The Environment at Kids Inc

Panda DancingAllowing children to learn through their play, encouraging empathy and sensitivity, modeling proactive behavior and encouraging global thinking. Coaching children in effective communication to seek positive conflict resolution. Activities are developed to meet the needs of the individual child and are placed in the room to invite the child to experience learning. Our teachers are available to assist children and to help them experience growth through art, music, stories, language, math and the sciences. The curriculum at Kids Inc. is non-religious; the activities are chosen to complement the work children are doing in their classrooms and to support Seattle School District Learning Standards and EALRS.

To support physical growth of children at Kids Inc.SAHiking

Tactile experiences are necessary for development of motor skills. Children at Kids Inc. experience playing with sand, water, play dough, finger paint, pottery, gardening, woodworking, etc. They are encouraged to play outdoors. We engage children in a variety of sports and outdoor games to encourage their physical development and endurance.